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Benefits of Line Striping | Asphalt Maintenance | Two Men and A Striper

Benefits of Line Striping

Line striping

What are the benefits of line striping?

A freshly striped parking lot has important benefits that often times get overlooked.

Have you ever pulled into a parking lot only to notice that parking spaces are not visible? What about vehicles driving right through faded pedestrian crosswalks with people waiting to cross? Or faded stop bars at the end of drive lanes leaving folks wondering who has the right of way. There is a good chance we have all been in these situations without even realizing it. Certain scenarios make navigating through your parking lot frustrating and dangerous for your visitors. Not only does line striping make the parking lots look more appealing, it provides highly visible direction to help drivers safely navigate the property.

Additional benefits of striping your parking lot include making it easier to identify handicap parking spaces, numbered spaces, and visitor parking spots. These special features are applied using stencils which take a few moments to place and paint. Not only does it help organize the parking lot, but the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses and public facilities to clearly designate handicap accessible parking spaces. By keeping these designated areas highly visible you’ll be in compliance with the law.

Over time, parking lot lines will start to fade due to weather and normal traffic patterns. Taking preventative action on you parking lot will help avoid confusion and potential accidents on your property. It’s important not to wait to do this as faded lines can make navigation of your parking lot hazardous to visitors and customers. Personal and vehicle accidents fall under the property owner if parking lot striping is neglected.

Two Men And A Striper, LLC will be happy to discuss a routine maintenance plan for keeping your parking lot striping vibrant and visible. Contact us today for your FREE estimate to restripe your parking lot. Give us a call at 412-213-8429 or email us at info@twomenandastriper.com

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